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Nuno Bento

Founder & CTO, MixMove

Nuno has been involved in and responsible for several projects related to IT solutions the transport and logistics field, including systems for managing parcel distribution, multimodal management of full container loads, and access control to and management of port operations.

He has also been heavily involved in developing an e-Delivery infrastructure for logistics information exchange and related standards and interoperability developments in several EC RTD projects such as the EU funded e-Freight project.

Recently it has been focused on the development and roll-out of, which is an innovative SaaS Cross-Docking Management Solution that as proved to achieve transport cost reductions of up to 35%. brings a new approach to Cross-Docking Management, based on the fact that significant performance gains can be achieved by driving cross-docking from a load unit optimization perspective, ensuring a better use of available capacity.

Session: Tuesday 20 October, 11:00 – 12:30 (CET). Plenary - Glocalisation: Local flavours for a global recipe.