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Ilias Iakovidis

Adviser at DG CONNECT, European Commission

Ilias is currently an Adviser for Societal challenges at European Commission, DG CONNECT, coordinating the work on Digital for Sustainability ( Digital for Planet), that is about two work streams. First involves ‘Green ICT’ measures that aim at improving energy and resource efficiency (circularity) of the ICT sector itself. Examples include energy efficiency of datacentres, networks and service and improvement of durability, reparability and recycling of digital devices (e.g. mobile phones). The second includes ‘ICT for Green’ – digitally enabled solutions (based on artificial intelligence/big data, high performance computing, Internet of Things, blockchain) supporting sustainability and climate goals in other sectors. The implementation involves both policy initiatives such as the European Green Deal and upcoming digital, industrial and data strategies as well as financial support through relevant EC programmes (Horizon Europe, Digital Europe Programme, CEF, InvestEu and others).

Before 2017 Ilias was leading the eHealth and ICT for ageing units. He contributed to the EU Agenda for eHealth and ICT for ageing including the past Research & Innovation Programmes for over 23 years. Areas he pioneered include Integrated Care; 'Virtual Physiological Human'; Personal Health Systems and Interoperable Electronic Health Records. Ilias was instrumental in setting up and managing the European Innovation Partnership on Active, Healthy Ageing, and the 'Silver economy' initiative. He developed the EU-US Memorandum of Understanding in eHealth and promoted cooperation with other non-EU countries. Ilias has a PhD in Applied Math (USA) and postdoc in biomedical engineering (Canada). In 2001 he was elected fellow of American College of Medical Informatics for his contribution to the field.

Session: Plenary - GS1 in Europe Interoperability Forum with Trade Associations