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Milan, home of Leonardo DaVinci, Alessandro Manzoni and Giuseppe Verdi. Explore it’s culture past and present.

Fontana del drago
Piazza Castello, 20121, Milan

Recommended by: Sara Manazza

Crossing the Castello Sforzesco from Cairoli square towards Parco Sempione, just past the pool garden of the Ducal Court, peek inside the ancient window and listen to the beautiful dragon fountain of the castle made by the architect, Beltrame. If you are fast enough, try to enter - for free - by way of the door on the right or left of the Museum of Ancient Art so you can see the fountain from closer. The Dragon is one of the most important symbols of Milan.

La vigna di Leonardo
Corso Magenta, 65, 20123 Milan

Recommended by: Ilaria Archientini

A quite and hidden place in the heart of Milan, recently opened to the public. A little treasure, which Ludovico il Moro (duke of Milan) gifted to Leonardo Da Vinci, museum and bistrot.

Orto Botanico Brera
Via Privata Fratelli Gabba, 10, 20121 Milan

Recommended by: Andrea Ausili

Existing since the 14th century, it became a botanical garden in 18th century under the Austrian empire. Rich with old trees and plants, it is a very quiet and secret spot in the very center of the city, just behind the Palazzo Brera.

Fondazione Prada
Largo Isarco, 2, 20139 Milan

Recommended by: Irene De Privitellio

A gold building full of arts. I love its old fashioned caffè called Luce.

Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore
Corso Magenta, 15, 20123 Milan

Recommended by: Davide Girotti

Sistine Chapel of Milan, what else?

GAM - Galleria d'Arte Moderna
Via Palestro, 16, 20121 Milan

Recommended by: Sirma Kurtulmaz

It is a museum worth a visit if you're interested in modern art. The building itself and its back garden are beautiful too.

Chiesa di San Bernardino alle Ossa
Via Palestro, 16, 20121 Milan

Recommended by: Elena Lia

Church from the 13th century. Special features: the ossuary. The bones seem to come from the old cemetery that was located nearby (and which was later eliminated). I don't know the opening hours, but entry is free.

Palazzo Luraschi
Corso Buenos Aires, 1, 20124 Milan

Recommended by: Vanessa Giulieri

Built at the end of 19th century, this building is a tribute to a moment of Milan history and one of the greatest masterpieces of our literature: Alessandro Manzoni, “I promessi sposi”.

Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milan

Recommended by: Margherita Marilli

The Design Museum is in a unique location: have a look to the Fontana Bagni Misteriosi by De Chirico in the garden of the Triennale. If you want you can decide to climb the Torre Branca to admire Milan from above.

Chiesa di Santa Maria presso San Satiro
Via Speronari, 3, 20123 Milan

Recommended by: Giada Necci

Discover the secret of San Satiro and catch a glimpse of the world from Bramante's perspective.

Milan, home of Leonardo DaVinci, Alessandro Manzoni and Giuseppe Verdi. Explore it’s culture past and present.

Via Madonnina

Recommended by: Emanuela Casalini

Like taking a walk in the past while remaining in the centre of Milan.

Zona Tortona

Recommended by: Paolo Cibien

Heart of Milan Design Week and Fashion Week, Zona Tortona is a lively area, full of independent studios and fashion stores. There, you can find The Armani / Silos museum and Mudec (Museum of cultures). In the evening, there are outdoor cafes, bars and bistros serving international cuisine in a trendy atmosphere.


Recommended by: Carolina Gomez

Every major city in the world has its own Chinatown. Milan is no exception! The best street food in the city. All you have to do is go up and down the street (at via Bramante, Niccolini, Rosmini) or just lose yourself in the side streets.

Arco della Pace
Piazza Sempione, 20154 Milan

Recommended by: Margherita Marilli

A magical place for me! I grew up listening to the noise of the tram on the rails, playing in Parco Sempione, walking to Castello Sforzesco. For a fantastic aperitif, I recommend the Living from which you can admire the Arch. It is splendid in the evening. For a fun dinner, I recommend a tour on Via Paolo Sarpi "Chinatown" with delicious Chinese restaurants.

Naviglio Martesana
Via M. Gioia 194, Milan

Recommended by: Nicolò Tenconi

Along the Martesana canal, from Cassina de' Pomm, starts an unexpected path surrounded by green that leads out of the frenzy of the city.

Milan, home of Leonardo DaVinci, Alessandro Manzoni and Giuseppe Verdi. Explore it’s culture past and present.

Pizzeria da Biagio
Via Vincenzo Monti, 28, 20123 Milan

Recommended by: Greta Antonini

For the best pizza? To eat the best pizza, you have to go to Pizzeria da Biagio, a small and characteristic space with white and red tablecloths.

Birrificio Lambrate
Via Adelchi, 5, 20131 Milan

Recommended by: Oliviero Caronna

Historical brewery. Best beer in Milan, hands down.

Via Emilio Olivari, 3, 20131 Milan

Recommended by: Massimo D_ascenzo


Nottingham Forest
Viale Piave, 1, 20129 Milan

Recommended by: Erika Frare

A place to drink the best and most original cocktails. I recommend the shell-shaped one :-)

Ceresio 7
Via Ceresio, 7, 20154 Milan

Recommended by: Tiziana Giammichele

A trendy lounge bar and restaurant with an outdoor pool where you can admire the skyline of Milan.

Pizzeria Assaje
Via Raffaello Sanzio, 14, 20149 Milan

Recommended by: Dario Gigante

Neapolitan dough, where you can eat as if you were in a Neapolitan "friggitoria" - fried-food shop.

Via Santa Radegonda, 16, 20121 Milan

Recommended by: Vanessa Giulieri

Though Panzerotto isn’t a typical Lombard street food, join the queue. It’s definitely a must-try snack.

Ribs and Beer
Via Riccardo Pitteri, 110, 20134 Milan

Recommended by: Roberto Lioce

Best place to eat ribs (but also meat) in Milan. On Tuesday there is the "All You Can Eat Ribs" night.

Circolo combattenti
Via Alessandro Volta, 23, 20121 Milan

Recommended by: Sara Manazza

The Porta Volta roman tollbooth hides a piece of Old Milan beloved by young people. Here, one step away from Chinatown, is the "clubhouse" of partisans, an almost secret place full of memorabilia and faces marked by wrinkles. It is a tavern - simple meals - with a wonderful courtyard, perfect for an "amaro" drink, to play ping pong or billiards.

Carlsberg Øl
Bastioni di Porta Nuova, 9, 20121 Milan

Recommended by: Federico Mittersteiner

A quiet place in a secluded location, perfect for pizza and beer for medium / large groups.

Gelateria Umberto
Piazza Cinque Giornate, 4, 20129 Milan

Recommended by: Fabiana Poggi

The most vintage artisanal ice cream shop in Milan, which has banana flavored gelato year round. It has never restyled its decor and from there, you can walk along Corso XXII Marzo up to the Suffragio market (if you want, there is also the church of Santa Maria del Suffragio in front of them).

Frizzi e lazzi
Via Evangelista Torricelli, 5, 20136 Milan

Recommended by: Mirko Repetto

Historical Milanese bar. Homey atmosphere to enjoy while drinking a beer in one of the most characteristic courtyards in Milan.

Corso di Porta Romana, 44, 20122 Milan

Recommended by: Silvia Scalia

A special place where you can taste the excellence of the Italian cuilinary tradition: the cannolo, a symbol of Sicilian desserts, filled in the moment.

Al Politico
Piazza Castello, 5, 20121 Milan

Recommended by: Christian Strapazzon

Each sandwich is named after a politician. They taste good and are very stuffed. Made on the fly, not pre-packaged. Incredible speed of service. Low prices for good quality. Try it at least once.

Zio Pesce
Via Andrea Maffei, 12, 20135 Milan

Recommended by: Oliviero Caronna

Fish restaurant. Best quality, best price, best hosts.

Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 12, 20144 Milan

Recommended by: Irene De Privitellio

Great cocktails, good food: the perfect place for instagramers :-)

The FisherMan
Via Varese, 4, 20121 Milan

Recommended by: Carolina Gomez

Great place to stop and enjoy a little taste of the sea. Pasta and excellent quality of fish.

La Buca di San Vincenzo
Via S. Vincenzo, 15, 20123 Milan

Recommended by: Giuseppe Luscia

A small beautiful jazz club. Live music.

Taverna Moriggi
Via Morigi, 8, 20123 Milan

Recommended by: Laura Perrone

An old typical Milanese restaurant where you can taste - among other lombard dishes - a perfect "risotto alla milanese" (the one with saffron and reduced bone marrow).

Pasticceria Marchesi
Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 11/a, 20123 Milan

Recommended by: Laura Perrone

One of Milan's oldest and finest pastry shops, where you can always find a perfect slice of classic Milanese Panettone.

Osteria Conchetta
Via Conchetta, 8, 20136 Milan

Recommended by: Mirko Repetto

Excellent restaurant with Milanese cuisine. My advice: absolutely must try the 'risotto tris'.

Via Leopardi 13, Milano

Recommended by: Christian Strapazzon

Choose your favourite pasta and add flavors. Free bread and water at lunch.

Milan, home of Leonardo DaVinci, Alessandro Manzoni and Giuseppe Verdi. Explore it’s culture past and present.

10 Corso Como
Corso Como 10, 20154 Milan

Recommended by: Bruno Aceto

I love this place especially for the book store. You can discover beautiful photos and art books.

Casa Rossi
Corso Magenta, 12, 20121 Milan

Recommended by: Ilaria Archientini

One of Milan's many lovely courtyards..look up and take a picture!

Highline Galleria
Via Silvio Pellico 2 , 4th floor, 20121 Milan

Recommended by: Andrea Ausili

A nice walk on the roof of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II to admire the Milano skyline from above this architectural jewel.

Mercato Comunale Ticinese
Piazza Ventiquattro Maggio, 14, 20122 Milan

Recommended by: Marco Cuppini

The Municipal Market, located on the Darsena - harbor - the point where the Naviglio Pavese and Naviglio Grande canals meet, provides indoor and outdoor shops for buying, or even just tasting, high-quality fresh food. Grab a drink and enjoy the views over the water and the leafy banks at sunrise or sunset.

Chiostro delle rane
Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie, 20123 Milan

Recommended by: Erika Frare

It doesn't matter if outside there's traffic or noise... everything stops here! The cloister is in the Santa Maria delle Grazie church, very close to the Last Supper site. You can get in from Caradosso street. In front of the entrance, on the wall of the opposite side of the street, if you look carefully you can see the words US (exit-security): it is one of the signs that indicated to the citizens where to take refuge during bombings of the Second World War.

La Rinascente
Via S. Raffaele, 20121 Milan

Recommended by: Roberta Governale

Seven floors of shopping, with a food court on the top floor just meters from the spires of the Duomo.

GS1 Italy
Via Pietro Paleocapa, 7, 20121 Milan

Come visit us on Thursday, October 17th!

Vicolo dei Lavandai
Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 14, 20144 Milan

Recommended by: Maria Francesca Imbrogno

If you want to discover the true soul of Milan, the most romantic and authentic one, come to see this wash house. Located on the Naviglio Grande - where until the end of the 1950s the Milanese housewives went to wash clothes in the waters of the Naviglio. Entering the hidden courtyards, you will discover yellow Milanese railed houses, artists' shops and various other shops.

Libreria Birdland
Via Vettabbia, 9, 20122 Milan

Recommended by: Giuseppe Luscia

Musical library that contains the history of musical culture for Milan and beyond.

Piazza Sant'Alessandro

Recommended by: Federico Mittersteiner

One of my favorite hidden squares. Recommended for a glass of wine in the only wine bar that overlooks it.

Belvedere di Palazzo Lombardia
Piazza Città di Lombardia, 20124 Milan

Recommended by: Giada Necci

On 39th floor of Palazzo Lombardia, the Belvedere gives you the possibility to see a 360° view of Milan (open only on Sundays from 10 to 18, free admission).

Conca Varenna
via Conca del Naviglio, 28, Milano

Recommended by: Laura Perrone

The basin itself and the area around it offer a flavour of ancient times when canals were all over Milan and frequently used to ship and transport materials.The "Conca Varenna" was built to overcome the 2 meter height difference that existed between the lake of St. Eustorgio (currently called Darsena: do not miss it!) and the circle of Navigli. It was primarily used to transport blocks of marble from Candoglia, which had to reach the Lake of St. Stefano which was near the construction yard of the Fabbrica del Duomo from Lago Maggiore.

Palazzo Invernizzi
Via Cappuccini, 7, 20122 Milan

Recommended by: Greta Antonini

Metropolitan oasis. Peek through the gate to see the flamingos before making a nice walk to the Porta Venezia park.

Giardini della Guastalla
Via Francesco Sforza, 20122 Milan

Recommended by: Chiara Sironi

A quiet place to exchange confidences and dreams with friends or to read a book.

Bosco Verticale
via Gaetano de Castillia, 9-11, Milan

Recommended by: Carolina Gomez

This vertical forest is a temple of green life in the center of the most avantgarde district of the metropolis. Two residential towers of 110 and 76 m height, with 800 trees, 4,500 shrubs and 15,000 plants.

Palazzo Sola Busca
Via Gabrio Serbelloni, 10, 20122 Milan

Recommended by: Chiara Sironi

I recommend you to take a picture of the bronze big ear of Palazzo Sola Busca (Ca’ dell’ureggia - that means House of the Ear) one of the first ever intercoms in the city.

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